IPTV Test Link Launches 

By the end of the year, the first smart TV’s with built-in IPTV will be on sale. Companies like Linkshare and Digital Play have the technology to bring the internet to TVs. So as the holidays approach – the first of which is approaching and the second which will follow shortly after – it’s time to start thinking about IPTV. 

IPTV Test Link Hardware And The Company Has Programmed

Digital Play already has its more than two hundred channels onto the new hardware they’ve acquired. They’ll support over two hundred devices, which is an impressive number when you compare it to what we’re used to when talking about digital video distribution. Digital Play is a relatively new company but has been active in the market for quite some time.

The other hand has a lot less history 

Links hare, But they do have one advantage Linkshare does not: the ability to advertise. Unlike Digital Play, Linkshare does have access to a program called Mu. This is like a channel package, but one that links consumers to free television channels via the internet. Consumers must use an m3u id to subscribe to the service, which is a relatively painless process. 

Join Forces To offer Something Called an IPTV service

When these two companies they’ll be able to leverage a powerful resource. The combination of Linkshare’s CCCAM server and Digital Play’s M3u list allows them to achieve greater system efficiency. In fact, Linkshare claims that an IPTV test link run on their system will result in savings of up to ninety-five per cent. Because digital satellite TV doesn’t have a huge number of channels, savings of this kind are especially notable. 

But the Benefits don’t Stop There

The partnership between Linkshare and Digital Play will also allow its reseller organizations to take their business online. By putting together a system that already functions as a digital television service, and combining it with an iPod reseller plan, they’ll be able to take their businesses to new heights. With this company, they can even expand beyond the reach of their current market. 

It’s true that digital TV isn’t quite here yet

so the best way to make your pitch is to convince your target market that it’s definitely here to stay. A good place to start is with the launch of Sling TV, which is the first of its system to include full HD and international channels. And since it’s launched just before the holidays, there’s a special offer running for two weeks right now – save fifty per cent on your subscription.

IPTV Test Link

TV, or DTV, has been around for quite some time

 But it’s only within the past couple of years that its features have started to really come into focus. It offers a lot more than standard definition, with over two hundred channels and all of the premium picture and sound elements that customers expect. The incredible thing about DTV is how easy it is for anyone to get the right combination of channels, at the right programming and quality level, and for that person to move their service to an internet-based DTV provider.

You Can Easily Change Your Setup in Real-Time

 The new iPod software features that have been announced recently are incredibly exciting, and they will open up a whole new world for your business. You’ll no longer have to deal with the hardware and software configuration headaches that come along with trying to set up a new DTV system. Instead, with the IPTV smarter app.